Thursday, September 18 of 2014

Svaroopa® Pose of the Month

Svaroopa® Foundations Pose of the Month
September 2014
SUPTA GARBASANA – Reclining Child’s Pose

These next few months we will be focusing on marker poses as our Pose of the Month. The marker pose is used to give a before and after experience to your practice. Do your marker pose in the beginning of your core opening sequence and then again at the end and notice if your maker pose changes. Then you have a deeper experience and understanding of the inner openings that come from a Svaroopa® Yoga practice. You learn to recognize how your practice serves you on multiple levels of being.

Supta Garbasana is used as a marker pose and often as a transition pose too. It is a great introduction to the principle of letting your legs soften. This is important because softening your legs makes more weight lean through your hips, pelvis, and sacrum allowing them to sink more deeply into the floor. This principle is more fully developed in reliable spinal release poses.

When practicing Supta Garbasana, you may get a tailbone or sacrum release, depending on the angle of your lower spine. When your sacrum is flat on the floor, the pose may create a release in your sacrum. When your sacrum is “floating”, the pose may create changes in your spine through your waist area, but what you need is the lengthening of your spine through your waist in the front of your spine like the changes in Lunge. The back of your rib cage may soften and lengthen, which opens up your breath. Your neck may lengthen on its own. However, none of these changes are reliable. You may be feeling some of these changes while someone else may be feeling something different or nothing at all.

This pose is soothing to your low back and can be valuable when it is achy. It massages your internal organs. It can release tension in your sacrum and give a related release through your skull, sinuses, jaw, eyes and headaches.

Give it a try and see what you become aware of. Do you notice any of these changes? Do more Supta Garbasana!



Chalfont Yoga and Meditation Center is a new Svaroopa® Studio opening this month. Join me in celebrating our expanding community and check out this beautiful space!

Beginning September 18, 2014

Svaroopa® Pose of the Month-August 2014

Svaroopa® Pose of the Month
August 2014
GARBASANA – Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose softens and relaxes your back muscles while it provides a gentle lengthening to your spine. It may provide a mild release for your sacrum, through your rib cage and shoulders. It gives a release from your shoulders through your neck allowing your head to lean forward so your neck lengthens. Child’s Pose massages your internal organs and opens up breathing space in your back. It reduces extremes of emotion and relieves fear and anxiety.

Garbasana can not be used as a reliable spinal release pose because it has a different effect on different people, so it is often used as a marker pose or a transition pose. When used as a marker pose, you can feel the effect of your reliable spinal openings by doing this pose before and after your spinal release sequence. This pose does provide a mild lengthening through your waist, but it is not the type of spinal release that your spine needs such as the release lunge reliably provides (along the front of your vertebrae through your waist).

When your are in your pose, let your whole body soften and sink deeply into your pose. Your weight is distributed evenly between your hips and your head. If there is too much weight in your head then attending classes provides you with the knowledge to effectively prop yourself in the pose. Do more Garbasana!


Pose of the Month-June 2014 ARDHA MANDUKASANA-Half Frog

Half Frog gives you a reliable release in the muscles attached to your sacrum. You may experience a gentle opening or softening through your hip crease or through the muscles connected to your pubic bone. This indicates you are also getting a tailbone release, but a tailbone release is not reliable in Ardha Mandukasana. It is important to begin your Svaroopa® practice with a reliable tailbone opening pose.

This pose is especially effective as a lower spinal release because your legs are going in two different directions. This provides a widening of your sacrum on your bent leg side. On the side of your bent leg, allow your body to settle deeply into both the lateral thigh angle and lateral rotation and notice the effect that has on your sacrum and low back. This pose also provides a gentle extension through the front of your extended thigh acting as a counter pose to a forward bend pose.

This pose can be done with or without a blanket platform. If you are not sure, have your teacher check your angles in class. There are some things you can check in your own body that indicate a blanket platform will serve you best. If your neck or low back hurts, if the hipbone of your extended leg presses uncomfortably into the floor, or the hip crease of your bent leg aches bring in a blanket platform. The minimum number of blankets for your platform is two and the maximum is six.

This pose relieves the cause of low back pain, constipation, and menstrual problems by taking pressure off your internal organs. It is also good for reducing anxiety and stress!

Do more Ardha Mandukasana!

January Pose of the Month

Svaroopa® Pose of the Month
January 2014
Ujjayi Pranayama

Happy New Year! This is a time we reflect on our year past and what this year may bring, but what if we reflected on the experience of ourselves from the inside instead. When we live from that knowing the past and the future melt into the now.

Ujjayi Pranayama serves as a transition to an inward orientation or Pratyahara. Pratyahara is translated as a withdrawal of your senses. In this state, you identify with your inward sense of self. It is here that we experience profound healing-physically, emotionally and mentally. It is here that we profoundly tune into our inner awareness and we are truly present.

Support yourself in Shavasana and bring your attention to your natural breathing. Become aware of how your whole body responds to this most basic act. How does your body move? Where does your breath go when it moves into and out of your body? Your breath is moving through your throat as you gently engage the muscles at the base if your throat exaggerating the sound of your breath. Be mindful not to close your throat between breaths or add tension in your throat muscles. These muscles are engaged softly and easily. Your breathing slowly. The sound of your breath is smooth and steady. Your breaths won’t be the same in length, but they have the same sound.

You exaggerate the sound of your breath, but you also pressurize the air that is moving into your lungs. It is like putting your thumb over a garden hose, so it reaches farther and spreads out wider. In your lungs, a fine misting spray of air spreads through your lungs more efficiently, more slowly and more completely. This is why the sound of your breath is the most important element of the breathing practice.

A twenty minute personal daily practice of Ujjayi Pranayama provides all the benefits of an aerobic workout. If you need healing for physical, mental or emotional conditions, twice a day provides relief. If you find that you are not comfortable lying in Shavasana for 20 minutes, start with five minutes in Shavasana, five minutes seated, five minutes standing and five minutes in Shavasana again.

Ujjayi Pranayama emphasizes a slow pace and ease of your breath. It improves or eliminates asthma, allergies, high blood pressure and heart problems. It improves your sleep and is healing in all ways. Ujjayi purifies all your physical systems-expelling diseases and negativities. It increases your strength and vitality, creates enthusiasm for life and a positive attitude. I’ll take more of that any day and it is as simple as Do More Ujjayi Pranayama!


Svaroopa® Semi-Privates *REGISTRATION REQUIRED**

The Solebury Club and myself are pleased to offer you semi-private yoga classes. These are small classes-limited to 6- with lots of individualized instruction and attention.

The cost of the semi-privates is $23 per class for Solebury Club members, $28 per class for non-members. You can buy a 6 pack of classes for $124 for members and $151 for non-members. I recommend that you take at least 6 classes to really experience and assimilate the effects of these deeper classes.

The semi-privates start as of October 1st.  Please register with The Solebury Club at 215-794-3494.   Each class must have 2 or more registered students 24 hours before the scheduled class time.


Wednesdays 12:15-1:15pm

Do you want to explore yoga at a slower pace?Do you want to learn how to prop your body to get the most out of each pose?Do you want to have more confidence in your ability to set yourself up in each pose to begin a home Svaroopa® practice?

Amber says “Join me and explore the benefits of a Core Release practice as you move through supported poses to release the tensions in your body from your tailbone through your ribs.  This class is designed to give each student the experience of yoga at a pace that is comfortable for them. Each pose is taught with an emphasis on proper propping and alignment for your body.”

Why Focus on Foundation Poses?


It all starts at your tail bone. This is where your tension begins as the muscles attached to your tailbone contract and it curls and tucks up.  These tensions build when we experience any type of fear – worry, anxiety, and frustration.  Let’s remember that many of our thoughts are driven by fear too.  This same tension carries up into your sacrum, through your waist and your ribs into your shoulders and neck.  It spreads down into your knees and ankles.  We are very aware of the aches and pains caused by this tension everyday.

Every time you do a tailbone pose you experience freedom from fear.  Your Svaroopa® class and home-practice begin with a pose designed to release your tailbone unraveling your spinal tension.  You start class feeling tired, stressed or in pain and by the end you are light and happy. Your home practice maintains these changes in between classes.   Little by little you lessen the reactions in your body and mind.  You have more energy and joy for life.  This is why you come to class.  This is why you set aside the time at home to practice.  You know you feel better when you are done.

Foundation poses provide the most effective and reliable release of your deepest tensions rooted in your body and mind.  The Foundations of Svaroopa® guarantee profound physical improvement while experiencing ourselves from the inside out. This is a progressive process, meaning your experience of every pose will change over time, as you reliably and regularly open your spine.  The more you do these poses the more you get out of them!

After years of practicing Svaroopa® Foundations, I know with certainty how true that statement is.  I have repeated these poses over and over and each time I soften into them. I soften into my life with each practice. It is with loving and precise awareness that this is possible.  No changes come when you don’t honor what serves you best every time.  Your knowing of the how and why you do your yoga deepens and your experience of Continuing poses is supported with consistent practice. I couldn’t feel what I felt in Foundations classes in a Continuing class. I chose to focus on a home practice and turned to Foundations core poses more and more and today I returned to a Continuing class. I was amazed at how different it felt in the standing marker pose, Tree Pose.  I have practiced this pose for over 10 years. I have gripped and lifted for most of them.   Today I didn’t, I settled-I softened-I yielded. It was a new experience for me, one that validated why I do yoga and why I share it.

We must look at ourselves from many different angles in order to live with less fear(contraction) and more freedom(expansion).  Yoga gives us the tools to do that, but we have to use them. We are acutely aware of what is going on outside of ourselves, but what about our ability to look inside.  Each pose is designed to give you the most out of your yoga.  It empowers you with the knowledge to know what it takes to experience ease in every action and every breath.  Do more yoga.

Namaste, Amber

Embodyment® Special

Embodyment® Special for July-August 2013

3 Embodyment® Sessions for $216

EMBODYMENT® is a hands-on healing modality inspired by the principles of Svaroopa® Yoga.  This gentle and non-invasive bodywork assists you in your own healing process with the following results:

  • Release of your deepest tensions in your body
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Relief from stress related symptoms and mental fatigue
  • Deepens any current yoga practice

Experience profound relaxation and develop peace of mind.  Call Amber at 215-801-0957 to book an appointment today!


““I was delighted with the results of my Embodyment® sessions with Amber. The sessions were profoundly simple, but the results were remarkable. I’m unsure if I have ever experienced that level of relaxation previously, and the session also provided immediate relief from pain in my back from a recent injury. I would eagerly recommend her Embodyment® service to anyone.” Christy Jefferson

NEW-Classes Monday and Wednesday at Solebury Club

New classes!

  • Mondays 10:15 – 11:45am
  • Wednesday 10:30am  – Noon (Wednesday class begins July 3, 2013)

At The Solebury Club, 4612 Hughsian Dr, Buckingham PA
No Experience Necessary

Kids Yoga Craft: Make Your Own Rainstick

Tape construction paper to one end of an empty paper towel roll
Fill 1/4 of it with dried beans or split peas

Tape paper to the opposite end

Decorate with markers, stickers, stamps, glitter or anything you would like.  Optional:  on one end tie a string with beads or feathers of your choice.